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Sprinklers - scouting


Sprinkler irrigation was introduced in the Mgololo area of south western Tanzania with an effort supported by RAPP company from Basel. The demonstration was a huge success as everywhere farmers have started to irrigate off-season crops with sprinklers. However, further technical and operational experiments must show how the available water can be used much more efficiently, and how providing water for crops can become a commercially viable service that can grow. Presently we are working on a viable business model that is acceptable for client farmers and water service providers. In 2017 further technical innovations will be tested to ensure higher efficiency and farther reach of the piping. With the assumption that marketing of off-season crops will not be a problem, this means farmers can earn more, plus the water-service providers will be new rural small enterprises that can create rural employment.

In Sept 2017 a team from RAPP will visit the area and test a hose system that will allow to provide much more flexible services to farmers. We hope that by end of the year we will come up with identifying a local rural company and its businessplan for pushing this further.

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