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Sat 27 and Sun 28 July: Office and conceptualizing

Nothing interesting in these two days, unless you find sitting in a hotel all day long and doing calculations and conceptualizations and mopping up on all our notes interesting. Catching up with Eli, getting things noted down and worked out, making sure how things shall continue over the next several months on all the ventures that are active…. Tomorrow will not be much different, except that we plan to get to the airport early and have dinner all four of us there, ie. Francis , Elibariki, Martin and myself, before Martin and myself then check in for the flight back to Switzerland.

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Fri 26. July: Fatumas shop and Kariakoo

We spent a fascinating morning with Fatuma in Kigamboni, on the southern side of Daressalaam harbour. She is the wife of Menas Yapesa (the TSS agent of Bahats TBM in Msowero). Every morning early at sunrise she starts to make small sweet rice-cakes over a charcoal fire in a little stall in a side street of Kigamboni. [Mehr lesen…]

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Thu 25. July: Down to Dar

14 hours on the road! This is crazy. We left Iringa and watched the sunrise driving east towards the steep drop at Kitonga, where we left the highlands and drove down into the pitoresque “Baobab-Valley” along the Udzungwa National Park. [Mehr lesen…]

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Wed 24. July: To Iringa, banking

We left Makambako later than we thought. Eli was delayed queuing at the bank to withdraw money to cover the expenses of our trip. This is one of the frustrating things in this country: It takes too much time to make money transactions. [Mehr lesen…]

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Tue 23. July: Beanspackers - and check FARIPs liquidity

The new registration form for the TSS deals by TBM are working out. We managed to make it completely clear what TBM still owes 4 farmers in Msowero. Bahat is glad to be able to explain this in detail and entirely transparently. [Mehr lesen…]

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