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Beans packaging in the village

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So far we could not launch this venture because we have not enough funds yet to help Adelina to start. We hope to get started with the next bean harvest.

Short description of venture

Adelina is a young woman in Magunguli village in Tanzania. With a team of people from the village she wants to run the business of cleaning, drying and packaging beans. Biashara Mapema will purchase beans from farmers and then pay Adelinas team a pre-fixed fee for each kg of beans they will clean, dry and package. This fee will be a middle cost of a Transaction Security Services deal by Biashara Mapema. The sealed packages of 5kg-10kg-20kg will be marketed by Biashara Mapema to retail shops in the urban centres who sell to the big majority of low-income consumers (BOP markets; bottom-of-the-pyramid in economic terms).
There are two innovations here: a) The added value of cleaning and packaging is earned in the village and b) There will be a new branded product of clean beans with standard quality available for urban consumers. This creates incomes in the village for the packaging. And the TSS mechanisms of Biashara Mapema allow farmers to share in the added value up to the sale of their beans to urban retail shops.
So far we have 1’500 USD committed by FEPA (Basel) for this venture.

Status of financing

USD committed

USD not yet raised

1.   First milestone: Technical proof of concept for sealing plastic bags, using 1 ton of beans from farmers



2.     Second milestone: Proof of operational concept with 5 tons of beans (estimate)  



3.   Third milestone: Proof of scaling up concept with 10 tons. To be projected as TSS pilot deal with TruTrade

not yet budget

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