Fund for African Rural Innovation Promotion

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What is FARIP?

FARIP is a tax-exempt foundation registered in Switzerland. The basic idea of this foundation is to allow rural Africans to explore and test their ideas for earning a stable and sustainable income in their rural areas, often of course linked to markets in the fast growing urban areas. FARIP searches for and explores such emerging ideas and then coaches, accompanies and supports the African innovators in their efforts until a business plan for a start-up can be submitted to interested investors where FARIP again coaches and brokers the relationship. At this stage FARIP pulls out and hands over the operation to the commercial relationships between the innovators and their investors.

What makes FARIP unique?

FARIP provides the technical and financial bridging of the gap between the birth of an idea and the proof of its commercial viability in the „pre-commercial“ phase of an innovation.
In FARIP’s understanding it is obvious that in a rural African context many failures of genuine efforts – from which the necessary lessons may be drawn - will be needed before some innovations will achieve a breakthrough.

FARIP is a combination of:
•    great openness for innovative ideas by rural Africans quite irrespective of how far fetched at first glance the former may appear, and the committed accompaniment of African entrepreneurs in their first steps to conceptualize, describe and practically test their ideas.
•    and the close follow up of the situation on the ground based on strict monitoring by adapted and efficient methodology during the practical implementation of the tests. This will result in a good documentation of the experiences collected in the testing phase (in particular of failed ideas), which will then allow to learn for the implementation of this idea or for other future undertakings.