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With rural Africans we explore their ideas for innovative ventures and bring them to the point where they become investable start-ups. Have a look at how we go about it at Scouting and Active Ventures.

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General News


The new extruder works!! Chardust briketting has picked up.
Big amounts of chardust (charcoal dust made from biomass without cutting a tree) have been purchased and stored in Magunguli. Now a new briketting machine is introduced and tested by EFCO. farip is involved on the sides, particularly for building the business of TSS with charbrikets.

The very first buyer of charbrikets! And the new product packed in wooden crates  Read more….

104 metal silos filled with maize in Msowero
The crowdfunding effort has resulted in 100 tons of good maize now stored in farmers houses and waiting for the price to almost double by March-May 2018. TBM company will then do a TSS deal with that maize on behalf of the farmers. Read more….

TBM is looking for loans and grants
farip is supporting TBM to look for loans and grants to expand their success in Msowero and achieve full proof of scaling-up concept. They are aiming to make 1’000 silos ready in Msowero by July 2018 for 1’000 tons of next years maize harvest. Read more…

Sprinklers in action

RAPP company in Basel have sent engineers and equipment to test sprinkler irrigation with fire-hoses. This worked, ie. proof of technical concept has been achieved. Now the challenge is to work out how to manage the equipment efficiently, ie. proof of operational concept. Read more….

Beans packaging
The farip board has approved to finance a first attempt by Adelinas team to clean, dry and package beans in the village for sale to end-consumers. Such toll-processing will be a middle cost of a TSS deal run by TBM where farmers sell packaged beans to end-consumers and Adelina is paid as the toll-processor. Proof of technical and operational concept yet to be achieved. Read more….

Dona production
This is a follow-up attempt after the metal silos: Mill the maize in the silos to wholegrain maize flour (dona) and sell to end-consumers in branded packages. Capture the added value as income for farmers. The registering of a brand is under way. Read more…..

- Scheduled Cargo Services (for rural areas)
- Trees as collateral for credits
- Outlet networks for BOP consumers (bottom of the pyramid)
- Make ice in the village
- Make tough tarpaulins for drying etc, out of discarded truck tarpaulins
- Make blower for winnowing grains
- etc….
Read more….